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Image of Ariel Noethlich

Ariel Noethlich

Ariel Noethlich is a 2016 Pensacola High School IB alumni. She was a member of National Honor Society and Science National Honor Society, and has taken the science career path in the program with biology and chemistry. She entered the Science Fair in 9th grade, won first place in the Zoology category at the regional competition, and participated in state. Her academic passion lies with the marine sciences and she has participated in 3 summers of oceanography camps for collegiate credit in the North Atlantic. She has been a player on the Varsity volleyball team for 3 years at Pensacola High School and plays club volleyball for the West Florida Waves and beach volleyball during the off season. She has a lot of experience with children after volunteering over 350 hours to work at a preschool.

Ariel has a passion for the arts: reading, writing and visual arts. Using her talents in painting and sketching, she has entered multiple art competitions and placed in several. She also is involved in movie effects makeups. She also enjoys a broad range of physical activities like ice skating, dancing, and snorkeling. She holds a passion for living, loving both animals and nature. At one point she participated in a speech competition making it to regionals by talking on the importance of sea turtle conservation. Her bicultural family, with close contact to those in Japan, allows her to have a broad understanding of history and social situations.

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